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The Centre and Its Purpose

The Centre, founded in October 2009, is a research institute of the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Its research agenda focuses on private and European law. The Centre participates in domestic and international projects, in the exchange of researchers, and cooperates with domestic and international research and educational institutions. The Centre is headed by the director and employs three other researchers and other specialists. The Centre seats in the Law Faculty building.

Through its activities, the Centre participates in the development of law in a broad sense. It undertakes research on current problems in the fields of private law and European law. The output of the Centre, most of which is published, aspires to enhance the quality of legal regulation by analyzing relevant legal concepts, phenomena, and categories in the Czech legal order and legal orders of other states and supranational organizations. The Centre‘s main contribution consists in enhancing the functioning of law in both legislative and application spheres.

Basic Research Methods

The fundamental thesis of the Centre is that legal science and research cannot be limited by a national framework. Like other areas of human activity and scientific interest, legal research is mostly and primarily state- Implementation of Objectives

The Centre implements its objectives through three basic forms – research projects, educational events and colloquia, and expert opinions.

Research projects

The Centre undertakes research projects subject to previous internal approval. The Centre focuses on both extensive projects of foundational research and the relatively less demanding analysis of current problems.

Scientific conferences, Educational events and Colloquia

The Centre organizes events where it presents its current research agenda and preliminary results and where researchers of the Centre and external collaborators discuss the problems and tests the validity of their arguments.

In addition to the outcomes of its own research projects (see below in Part II), the Centre organizes, in its own capacity or in cooperation with other institutions of academia and legal practice, seminars and colloquia, e.g., on research projects of Ph.D. candidates and international guests of the Centre, and occasionally also of researchers of other Czech academic institutions.

Expert Opinions

In addition to its research agenda, when requested, the Centre provides its expert opinions in its areas of expertise on specific current problems.



Publications are naturally the major results of the work of the Centre. The Centre also publishes part of its output on its webpage. The majority of the publications are made up of monographs, conference proceedings, peer-review journals articles and research papers.

Educational work

Depending on their capacity and their area of expertise, the researchers of the Centre are involved in teaching and other educational and vocational training.


The researchers of the Centre are employees of the Law Faculty and their salaries and other allowances and expenses form part of the Law Faculty budget. However, remuneration may flow from other sources as well. Direct expenses are covered in part from the Law Faculty budget and in part (especially travel expenses) from other sources.

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